Member Information

Welcome, members! Here you will find all the information you'll need for the 2018 season.


2018 Tuesday Drop locations

  • Bigler - Cen-Clear

  • Curwensville - Blue Kow

  • Clearfield - Waggin Trains

  • Philipsburg - Penn Highlands


2018 Friday drop locations

  • DuBois - Soul Platter Cafe

  • Grampian - Mint Condition


2018 farm pick up

  • Hickory Ridge Farm, 668 Strongs Road, Irvona, PA 16656


We make every attempt to have boxes delivered by noon. Farm pick up boxes will be ready by 11 am. 


Each week as you receive your share boxes, I’ll try to include recipes, tips, or some nutritional information on the items in your box. I’d love to have you share your ideas as well. If you have a method of preparing something in your box that is unique and tasty – let us know! We’ll feature you on our Facebook page and our website!

Most items are picked either the morning of delivery or the night before. We do try to rinse off any dirt and any greens are always hydro-cooled (dipped in cold water), but it’s always best if you wash your produce before preparing it.

Bugs and bug damage – yes, sometimes you may find a critter on your produce, or the leaves may show some evidence of pesky eaters. We use no chemical pesticides here either in our growing or in our washing of the produce. We do try to rinse them off and may not send something if it’s too bad. The best suggestion I can offer is to wash it, cut off the damaged area and prepare as usual. You can’t taste the holes.

We can only provide what is ready for harvest. And when it’s ready, it’s ready. Yes, sometimes we can provide bulk quantities – but there is a small time frame for how long you have to get them.

Your share boxes will vary in weight each week. Your first share may be small and comprised mostly of greens and early crops. In mid season, your boxes may be too heavy for some to carry – because we literally give you a share of most everything that ripens.

From time to time we will include produce grown by another local farmer. This can include fruits, Honey, Maple Syrup, Cider, etc. When we do, we’ll include contact information for that farm so that you can call them if you want larger quantities or have questions about use.

Half shares vs Full shares – The Half is not exactly half. Our reason for this is because we’re not going to cut a zucchini in half to put in a box. The Half share zucchini may be slightly smaller, but it probably won’t be “half”.