Denny Nebgen

general manager

Denny Nebgen is our General Manager, and he can be reached at 814-505-5274 – though he’s often in either the shop or the field, and cell service is sometimes spotty. He’s the best person to ask about deliveries and availabilities.


Micah Waugh

Production Manager

Micah Waugh is our Production Manager – he likes to play in the dirt. Micah can be reached at 814-381-1100, and can answer questions about growing methods, planting densities, varieties, expected harvest times – or any other growing questions.


Marci Nebgen

administration & marketing

Marci Nebgen is Denny’s wife and Micah’s mom. You can reach her at either the office 814-672-3009 or on her cell at 814-505-5275. She is the one to contact about visits, memberships, your account and general questions.